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Your Complete School Formal Checklist

    Let’s talk about your School Formal.

    Now is the time to start thinking about your dress, shoes, hairstyle and accessories. It’s not too early. Most High Schools hold their Year 12 School Formal at the beginning of the year. Smart move! The end of year 12 is an absolute write off, what with muck up day planning oh and of course…EXAMS!!

    But first, this is me on the night of my Dinner Dance. Yes kids, that’s what it was called back then in 1994. It was the end of year 10. I totally rocked the Madonna Like a Prayer look, wouldn’t you say?

    Suffice to say Mum wasn’t privy to the pointy bra and fish net stockings for the occasion, so the big cross around my neck and lace top under my dress would have to do. Oh boy…what was I thinking? Go on, have a laugh….let it all out. I’m okay, really. I’m a big girl now and I don’t make these kind of fashion faux pas anymore.

    It’s September already and if you haven’t even thought about your dress yet, well….we’ve got some work to do! So, let’s get started:

    4 months before

    Start looking for your perfect dress. Pinterest is a great tool to search ideas. Create a board called “Formal Dress Ideas” and start collecting and saving pictures. I’ve made an example for you. Click  “Formal Dress Ideas

    You also want to start researching hair styles at this point. Create another Pinterest Board called “School Formal Hair Ideas”.

    3 months before

    Tickets are most likely available now to purchase. Make sure you get yours!

    Once you have THE dress, now is the time to think about accessorising. I’m talking about shoes, bag/clutch and of course jewellery. Click here for the must have guide on how to best style necklaces and earrings for each dress type.

    Visit my online store for something unique, or contact me for a custom design.

    2 months before

    You may want to book in for any dress alterations if needed.

    I’d also start looking for a professional Make-Up Artist and book a trial run. Your MUA will be able to match make-up colours that will complement your skin tone and dress. I highly recommend Simone Elise, Make-Up Artist – you can check out her work here

    1 month before

    Book your Hair and Make-Up appointments

    Final dress fitting

    Plan your ride to the Formal.

    Also, find a nice local spot for some photos. You don’t want to miss out on capturing this momentous occasion.

    1 week before

    Book your manicure and pedicure

    Organise a spray tan. If you’re a miss lily white legs like me, going from Casper the ghost to Pocahontus can be done in just 24 hours. Simple!

    There you have it! all you have to do now is get excited, because you’re an organised young woman and everything went according to plan totally stress free!

    Now, share this with your BFF’s and have the BEST time planning your school formal together.

    I love a good conversation, so if you found this guide helpful, let me know in the comments!