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Wardrobe Audit

Our wardrobe supports who we are, how we envision our life and who we want to become.

What is your motivation for getting dressed? Job promotion, new relationship, embarking entrepreneurship? 

A Wardrobe Audit is a powerful way to unlock your confidence and claim the success and richness your life deserves. We’ll focus on body type, lifestyle, and your own unique style aesthetic. We’ll make sure everything you love to wear fits correctly and is in alignment with your personal and professional goals and desires.

You will acquire lifelong skills and knowledge on how to build inspiring outfits that not only represents your true style aesthetic, it will also give you the confidence to step out feeling empowered everyday.

We’ll remove items that no longer serve you and create a shopping wish list for the items required to support you into becoming your higher self. The end result is a beautifully curated space that aligns with your goals and looks just like your very own personal boutique.

Lets get started.

“It was great having Bianca go through my wardrobe, she was able to come up with some fresh new looks with items I already owned and gave me lots of ideas to utilise my clothes more. It was exactly what I needed” Corinna R, Project Management

What do I get?

How long does it take?

What will it cost?

Price: $405