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Ultimate School Holiday Survival Guide

    Can I get a WOOT WOOT! Well, I survived the first set of school holidays for 2019. Anyone else?

    Here’s what I did:

    1. Always have wine close by. I won’t judge if you pour your first glass at 11am. #stickittothejudgymums
    2. Prepare a smorgasbord of snacks the night before and keep them out on the kitchen counter. When your child wakes up there will be food there from morning to night.
    3. Whatever you do, do not sit down and look comfy. #sitdownandtheywillcome #thereisnocomfyposition
    4. Carry a tape measure, pen and notepad around with you all day while at home. You’ll look super busy and the kids won’t interrupt you, in fear of being put to work.
    5. Don’t organize single play dates. Who has time for that? Allocate one day, have all his friends over, take them to the park and do some blogging out in the sunshine….ahhh the serenity.
    6. **If all else fails, tell your mum to come over for a cuppa. Your phone rings, it’s work. You’ve been called in for an important meeting.  “Thanks Mum, I’ll be back in a couple of hours”. #thanksmumiloveyou #appreciationrespect

    So there you go. There’s no planning involved, no expenses. You just have to be smart about it. Kids don’t always need to be entertained with expensive outings and its time us mums stopped feeling guilty about the kids getting bored. Sometimes it’s good for kids to feel bored. It triggers the imaginative side of their little brains.

    So far, he’s made a board game, a battle arena, an army base. He’s also started preparations for his new video game he’s going to develop. He’s written everything down. #proudmummoment