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Turning 40 – Not too young, Certainly not old!

    This year I gracefully turn 40!

    I’m not young anymore, but I’m certainly not old either.

    I still love to go out. But on the drive home (usually around 10pm) I’m already dreaming of kicking off my pumps and putting on my pyjamas.

    Remember when 11pm was too early to be entering the club? Who even was that girl?

    Normally I don’t think about my own birthdays. It’s just another year. However, I find myself thinking about this next one quite a bit.

    Reflecting on how far I’ve come. How I’ve grown into the woman I am today. All the events that have happened in my life, good and bad, that have shaped my journey thus far.

    I have 25 years of professional (work and life) experience behind me.

    I am wiser, but I still know that I have so much more to learn.

    There are still so many things I wish to accomplish and understanding that I have another 50+ years to figure it out, means I’m not old at all!

    Sure, I may have to work out more regularly than 27-year-old Bianca, and talk about piling on the anti-aging potions! (another story) however, that’s just the surface.

    This is a soulful age.

    It goes much deeper than popping a few extra calcium tablets a day (which reminds me….)

    We are 40-year-old women in our prime. We know who we are and what we want!

    Others opinions mean nothing.

    We are stronger and more confident to now know that our fierce determination only makes us more beautiful inside and out.

    Be proud of what the years have taught us. I know I am.

    Getting older is not scary. It’s exciting. I like to think of it as an eternal adventure. One where you can make absolutely anything happen.

    We really do get better with age. Embrace it. Happy 40th everyone!