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The Modern Pencil Skirt

    The Pencil Skirt – A Timeless Classic

    The Pencil Skirt made its mark in the mid 1950’s and was renowned for its figure-hugging shape. Made famous by style icons such as Marilyn Munroe and Sophia Loren whose aesthetics were seductive yet powerful, it fast became a staple in wardrobes across the globe.

    The true design of the pencil skirt often made it difficult to walk and was tightly cinched at the waist giving a feeling of restrictiveness.

    The pencil skirts of today are designed with comfort in mind and include slits at the front or back for ease of movement.

    Adding functional pockets and designed in many different fabrics, the pencil skirt is still a popular choice for both the corporate businesswoman and chic weekend casual, like this current take on the skirt from Seed Heritages winter 2022 collection.

    Who can wear the Pencil Skirt?

    Typically, the pencil skirt is known to only be worn by curvy hourglass figures. I’d like to challenge this and say that most body shapes can wear the pencil skirt.

    For example, “Rachel Zane” from the hit TV series Suits, who has a rectangle body shape. She can most certainly rock the pencil skirt. Why? because she knows the pencil skirt is going to ADD curves and give her a curvier silhouette. If you love the pencil skirt and you can style it to suit your body, I say go for it.

    Read this article here on how to style a pencil skirt for your body type.

    Ways to wear the Pencil Skirt The beautiful thing about the pencil skirt in today’s world, is that it comes in so many different styles. You can dress them up with boots or heels, or you can go for a more casual style and wear with sneakers and a sweater.

    Anything goes with today’s fashion. The trick is to get creative and style your pencil skirt in a way that you never thought you would. Get inspiration from platforms such as Pinterest and spend some time in your wardrobe putting some stylish outfits together. If you’d like some help with finding your style, book in to see me for Style Consultation!

    Loved by all agesI love seeing women of all ages embracing the pencil skirt. From young teens to mature ladies, notice the different ways they are styled and have a go yourself. And with so many types of fabrics and colours to choose from, you can create your very own pencil skirt style and rock it your way!