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The Creative Cure

    It’s true in our darkest days, we all look to the arts. Whether we turn to music, illustration, reading, writing or watching our favourite movie. To escape the world as we know it and transcend into another realm and get lost in the splendor of what brings us joy in times of crisis.

    The world needs YOU

    I believe that right now, the world needs creative people more than ever. However, if you’re the creative type and all of the COVID-19 things are getting you down, you’ve probably lost your creative mojo. I have been through creative slumps myself and the struggle to keep creative momentum is real.

    There have been times when I have sat at my desk and wished and hoped and prayed for just an ounce of creativity to conjure up and spill out of my brain and onto my design sketch pad. But you all know, no amount of wishing and thinking will bring it on that easily, if at all!

    Creativity is a law unto herself. She will come at the most inappropriate of times, sometimes not at all, and sometimes surprisingly, at that exact moment you need it. So unpredictable.

    There’s a way

    We can do a few things for our creativity to remain front and center more often, right when you need it. These 3 things help me stay in that creative space and maybe they will help you too.

    1. Go for a walk – a twenty-minute walk does wonders. Stepping out into the fresh air and moving my body. Doing this provides me with a clearer mind so that when I get back to my studio I’m able to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Even if it’s just to tidy my work space.
    2. Listen to music – I listen to my same Spotify playlist all the time. Music inspires me and I can create some magic just by hearing a song and being reminded of a time or place that is associated with that piece of music.
    3. Read a book – I usually have a few books on the go at the same time. Anything from insightful reading with deep meaning to a light hearted fictional story of love and relationships. Reading takes me to a different space. When I’m struggling with my own creativity, I immerse myself in someone else’s for inspiration.

    It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it

    Being a creative is not easy. It’s fun and rewarding but it’s not a very balanced lifestyle.  So I just follow the three suggestions above as many times as I have to until my own creativity starts to flow, and it keeps me somewhat more consistent.

    I’m here for you

    I’m committed to bringing you beautiful jewellery designs (if that’s your thing) to look at and wear, so that you may escape your current world if only for just a moment. And if I have brought a smile to your face and a touch of positivity, then that makes this gig so much more worth it.

    I want to know

    How do you keep your creativity flowing and how do you present your work to the world? Join the conversation and comment below. I’d love to know what gets you inspired.