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The Complete Men’s Styling Package

Guys! Have you ever wondered how some men seem to have it all? Great job, wonderful partner… What’s their secret? A lot of it is to do with taking care of their appearance!

First impressions are everything when it comes to both your professional and personal life and goals. Be the best version of yourself with the complete Men’s styling package.

The package is split over two days. Day One: Colour Analysis and a Wardrobe Audit. These are fundamental to discovering your style aesthetic and will set the higher standards required for your ultimate goal. Allow approx 3hrs.

Day Two: Personal Shopping. We shop the items you need to support who you are becoming. Allow approx 1.5hrs.

You will receive three services combined for only $895. Let’s do it!

Plus a Bonus 45 minute post shop styling session. This is where we get together and incorporate your new pieces into your wardrobe to create magnetic outfits that align to your higher self.

Book now for your first day of 3 hours. The second day will be scheduled as agreed upon once we meet.

I look forward to helping you claim the confidence, style and abundance you deserve!

* Pricing will increase 1st Jan 2024. Invest in yourself now.

What do I get?

How long does it take?

What will it cost?

Price: $895