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The Style Rut

And how to get unstuck

I’m standing in front of the mirror thinking “Ugh, this will have to do”. Not one time, but two, three, many times in fact I go back into my wardrobe hoping an amazing outfit is going to jump out and slap me in the face.

It never happens. And so here I am, stuck with a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear because everything just seems so boring. Sound familiar?

You may be stuck in a style rut. But there is an easy way out. Here, I offer some suggestions to move you out of vanilla and into some spice with my 3 best ways to get unstuck. Plus, some bonus tips at the end!

1. Try a different cut

If you love your skinny jeans and all you own is skinny jeans, this could be a reason as to why you may be stuck in a style rut.

When you only have one cut, there is only one way you can wear that cut. It doesn’t add anything different no matter what top or heels you pair with them. Maybe try a different style.

My suggestion is to always go high waist, these are flattering on every body type. Try a crop straight leg or long wide leg jeans instead. You’ll be amazed at how fresh and current you will feel.

2. Add a pop of colour

You know I love me some colour in an outfit. So why not try adding a colour you love to an ordinary outfit you always wear.

For example, I do love an all-black look, but sometimes it can look a bit predictable. I often add my orange Wittner strappy heels and my orange Mimco clutch, just to throw in a point of interest.

There are so many other ways you can add colour. A beautiful scarf, either tied around your neck, hair or handbag strap. Nail polish. A bold red lip. A funky belt, the list goes on. Having fun with colour will certainly move you out of a style rut.

3. Owning quality basics

So many wardrobes I’ve seen lack the basics. Basics are fundamental to building an outfit. They are incredibly versatile and can be mixed and matched with almost anything.

For example, a plain T-shirt paired with jeans for a casual look can then be elevated just by adding a blazer and some heels.

Basics serve as a canvas upon which you can experiment with different styles and incorporate statement pieces.

Bonus Tips

Tweak your outfit. Before you walk away from the mirror, what else can you do to add a bit more spice? Here are some easy-to-do suggestions:

  • Roll up your sleeves
  • French tuck or tuck in your top
  • Undo an extra button on your shirt to show décolletage
  • Throw on a hat
  • Add some statement earrings
  • slip on some statement shoes

Remember, style should be easy and getting dressed should be fun. I encourage you to get inside your wardrobe and have a play. That is the best thing to do when you are feeling stuck in your style. If you think you may need some help with this, please reach out to me. I offer styling services and packages that help both men and women re-discover their style and boost self-confidence.

Also, join the conversation over in my B-stylish Facebook Group. What have you done recently to spice up your outfit? Post a photo if you can. We are a fun style loving community where no judgements are made, just pure support and encouragement and we’d love to hear from you!

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