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Resolution Vs Goal

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I hope your celebrations were great fun! I was literally on a plane on New Years Eve and we had just landed back in Perth right on midnight. We could hear the firecrackers going off as we walked out of the airport.

I wanted to write this blog and talk about New Year Resolutions Vs New Year Goals and why I think that New Year Goals are so much better.

At the beginning of every year, me and the hubby sit down together for 30 minutes and write a list of achievable goals for the year ahead. We love doing this. Not only do we get clear on what we want but it also gives us a sense of purpose and drive to keep striving and being the best we can be.

We break it down into three categories:

Financial Goals, Health and Fitness Goals and Entertainment/Leisure Goals. We usually come up with about 2-3 goals under each category.

By making new year goals as opposed to new year resolutions, we tend to stick to them more because they are more detailed and achievable.

Example 1. New Year Resolution: I’m going to lose weight

Example 2.  Goal for the New Year: I will lose 2 Kilos by the end of the first quarter.

The second example seems so much more achievable and less overwhelming than just “I’m going to lose weight”. With the mindset of the first example, you have already set yourself up to fail. There is nothing specific about this resolution.

With Example 2, you’ve set yourself a target and a timeframe. Making it much easier to break down the details on how you will achieve this.

Also, I never start my New Year Goals on the 1st January, I give myself time to rest and get over the Christmas/New Year festivities first. I prefer to start mine when I get back to work and there is a little more routine in my day. There is no panic, no beating myself up because I didn’t start on the 1st Jan, because I know that my goals (with a little hard work) will be accomplished within the set timeframe.

I hope this has helped you set some realistic, achievable goals. There is nothing worse than making a resolution, telling everyone about it and then not following through. You don’t want to feel like a loser. 2020 is the year for winning!!

What goals have you set for the New Year? Are they realistic? Please comment below so we can keep each other accountable and support each other going into 2020. It’s going to be a fantastic year!

4 thoughts on “Resolution Vs Goal

  1. Very well said!
    One of my goals is to read a book month. I could read more but like you said easily achievable goals are easier to stick with 😊

    1. For sure, it’s easy if you break it down even further and read one chapter a night (provided the book only has 30 chapters right? lol)

      I’m going to stop reading all three books I currently have on the go at the moment and just focus on reading one at a time! This is why it takes me forever to finish one book haha.

  2. Very true. One of my goals for this year (that I’ve really been putting off for a while now) is to keep a journal that just BRIEFLY – keyword being brief – looks back on the positive highlights of my day.

    Also, I think some goals can be set as you progress through the year and not necessarily only at the beginning. For example, if you manage to lose 2 kg in quarter 1, you might want to set a goal of losing 4 kgs in quarter 2.

    1. Hey Aika, great idea. I started journalling on my 40th birthday. I gave up after three days. But I think you are right, keeping it brief with just a few dot points or highlights of the day will be easier to manage and keep up with. Those three days of mine were way too long. I felt like I had to put EVERYTHING down on paper LOL.

      Totally agree with setting new goals as you progress. Even “moving the goal posts” if you have to is okay too. Hakuna Matata!

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