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Knowing your best colours

Why is colour important when it comes to style? 

Colour is uplifting, it reflects our personalities and it’s a form of self expression.  But most importantly, when we wear colours that complement our skin tone, the whole essence of who we are comes alive.

Our skin will look brighter and healthier and our natural characteristics will appear more vibrant. In contrast, wearing colours that clash with our skin tone can make us look washed out and appear tired.

Understanding undertone

We all have different skin tones ranging from very light to very dark and its not until we see certain colours against our complexion that we can determine if our undertone is cool or warm.

Once you’ve discovered if you’re cool or warm, you can then go futher to find out if you’re suited to bright or muted shades of colour. This is so much fun as you get to see some mindblowing differences these colours can make to your overall appearance. 

The Seasonal Colour Palettes

I work using the four seasonal colour palettes: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

If you have a warm undertone, you would fall in either the Autumn or Spring seasons. if you have a cool undertone, you would be either Winter or Summer season.

All the colours in the Autumn and Spring palettes are yellow based. And we know that yellow is a warm colour. Winter and Summer colours are blue based, blue being a cool colour.

Your best colours

Once you know your Season and best colours, shopping for clothes, make-up and accessories will be so much easier, not to mention the money you’ll save as you’ll never buy the wrong colour again. I provide all my clients with a seasonal colour guide at the end of their colour analysis session to refer to, especially when shopping.

Your wardrobe will be more cohesive and in harmony once you have incorporated your season’s colours. Making mixing and matching items so much easier and a lot of fun

I have helped many people enhance their personal style through Colour Analysis.

Whether you are Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring, understanding your seasonal colour palette is an excellent way to enhance your personal style and elevate your wardrobe. Book Now for your Colour Analysis consultation.