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Creative Process – Get your juices flowing!

    Do you have a creative process?

    Maybe you’re an artist and you must lay out all of your paints in a certain way. Or maybe you love to dance and you have a particular piece of music you warm up to every time. For me, I just need a couple of drinks to let loose on the dancefloor.

    But my point being, is that without our quirky processes or our unique way of doing something we love, our imagination might not be able to flow as easily.

    “When Thoughts Become Things”

    When I feel inspired to create a piece a jewellery (which comes to me in many different forms), it’s the colours that first come to mind. I throw a select few coloured beads and stones into the pot, give it a stir and see how they work, or even contrast together. I tweak it if needed, let it simmer for a while and then start thinking about style and design. I then sketch it out in my trusty sketch pad, choose the materials that I feel will work nicely with the design and start piecing it all together. The journey is complete and this creation now has a story to tell. You can watch my Creative Process Video here.

    My clients really appreciate the originality of my designs as you won’t find anything else quite like them. If they can see the beauty in my pieces and how different they are, that to me speaks volumes of their own uniqueness and individuality. And I just love seeing when my clients wear my jewellery, how much they embrace and celebrate their own personal style.

    “Do More of the Things You Love”

    One way to really get your creative juices flowing, is to simply do more of the things you love! These are the things that bring you joy. After time, you’ll develop a style that is unique to you and will be able to freely express your creativity whenever and wherever you like.

    What are some ways you express your creativity? Please let me know in the comments below!