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Colour Analysis

Too often we are drawn to the colours that retail and the fashion industry advertise however, these colours are not for everyone.

We end up buying the new season coloured top, only to put it on at home and feel like something is “off”, resulting in your brand new top hanging in your wardrobe, probably with tags still on, never to be worn again.

Sound familiar? rest assured its not you, its the colour that isn’t right for your skin’s natural undertone, making you look tired and feeling washed out.

In my colour analysis consultation, not only will you discover the best colours that light you up, you will also know which colours to avoid, giving you the power to shop consciously and avoid costly mistakes. Ready to get started?

See the difference your best colours can make. 

You will receive valuable advice on how to incorporate your best colours into your wardrobe, and you will also receive your personal seasonal colour swatch to refer to whenever you need. 

Please allow approximately 1 hour for this session.

“Bianca explained in detail about why certain colours suited me more according to my skin tone, eye and hair colour. It was very interesting and I already have my next appointment booked for Wardrobe Audit. I will enjoy shopping for clothes now knowing my best colours” Alison G, Recruitment Specialist

What do I get?

How long does it take?

What will it cost?

Price: $200