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Welcome to Bianca Gayle.

Where fun meets style!

I’ve got something I want to share with you. I’ve always been a happy person. This isn’t news to people who know me, by the way. They’ll tell you I’m the most positive person you’ll ever meet. Not the “bubbly overly exciteable in your face” kind of positive. More like the “look on the bright side” kind of positive. I have a “cup is always half full” attitude and always see the funny side of things. I don’t believe there is room in my life to be any other way. 

As a young child I was always trying different things. Heck, as a 40 year old woman I’m still exploring new possibilities. My point is, if there is something that excites you, try it – do it – experience it. If it turns out to not be quite what you expected, that’s okay. On to the next thing. I would also like to make a point here that this isn’t about “searching” for happiness, it’s more about doing everything little darn thing that brings you joy. That way, your life journey IS happiness.

“excitement is the key to happiness”


So stay excited my unique equal and just have some fun! Our confidence levels peak when we are happy and the motivation to continue learning and growing increases. Guaranteed levels of fun included. Keep sprinkling your positivity on the people around you. You’ll also find that you start attracting like minded individuals into your life that will bring you so much love, support and encouragement. These are your people.

Bianca Gayle is a brand that stands for fun, adventure, feeling great (and looking good) and spreading those positive vibes to everyone you meet. Join the Bianca Gayle happiness movement, embrace your individuality and share your sweet sweet style with the world.