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6 Simple Ways to Accessorise your Dresses

    So you’ve got the dress and the shoes. But what about the jewellery?

    Do you like to wear a lot of jewellery, or a little? Either way, you want to make sure that you accessorise perfectly to complement the dress. And knowing what to wear with your chosen type of dress is key for ultimate impact and a style that is truly you!

    1. Deep V Neckline

    The plunging neckline is a statement all on its own. I would suggest a sweet fine gold chain that sits just at the collarbone or a long chain necklace in fine gold/silver. Or, add these two ideas together to create a multi-layered boho-chic effect. don’t worry, it won’t take away from the neckline.

    2. Sweetheart Neckline

    This is elegance. You may not want to wear a necklace at all with this style of dress however, if you wish to, I’d choose a short statement necklace that sits at collarbone length. A sweetheart shaped necklace would really give effect to the sweetheart curves of the dress and would look absolutely stunning.

    3. Halter Neckline

    Super easy to style if you love to wear a lot of jewellery. Style this dress with a gorgeous pair of statement earrings, throw on a heap of stacker bracelets or bangles and one big statement ring and you’re set!

    4. Tank Neckline

    If you must wear a necklace with this dress type, choose a simple regular length chain necklace with a single pendant. Otherwise, just go with some rings, bracelets and statement earrings.

    5. One Shoulder Neckline

    Again, no necklace necessary here. Go for a big bold cuff bracelet or bangle on the arm that is sleeveless (very important) and pop in some big hoop earrings for some extra pow!

    1. Strapless Neckline

    A couple of options here. You could really make a statement and wear a big chunky choker as you have a lot of décolletage area exposed. The choker will draw eyes in and complement the strapless idea. You could also opt for a long chain multi-layered necklace to bring together the jewellery and the dress. If you decide to go bare on the neck, then throw on some bold statement earrings for an edgy chic look.

    So now you can easily choose your jewellery to go perfectly with your style of dress and make a fashionable impression every time! Make sure you share this with your friends too so they don’t miss out on these tips either.