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6 Fun things to do on Valentine’s Day regardless of your status!

    Are you one of those loved up couples? Or are you independently single, and have been for some time?

    I call February the ‘Love Month’. Valentine’s Day is on the 14th and I find it fascinating how divided we are in celebrating this day. Some absolutely love it, while others loathe it. So I’ve come up with 6 fun ways to celebrate this international day of love and romance for couples and singles alike:

    1. Take a walk on the beach. Sounds cliché, I know. But whether you are strolling hand in hand with your loved one, or just simply walking alone. Breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sand beneath your feet will make you feel alive and invigorated.


    1. Bake some heart shaped cookies. Write a special message on one for your love. Or if you’re single, batch them up and wrap them in cellophane with a pretty ribbon and gift them to your best friend. They’ll love the thought and appreciate the fact they have you in their life.

    1. Have a picnic. Gather your single friends, head to a nice park and snack on cheese, crackers and wine. Toast each other on your friendship and freedom! Couples, you both can enjoy this simple underrated act of togetherness too, without the expense and fuss over choosing a fancy restaurant (which if left too late, most places will be booked out anyway!)


    1. Go see a late night comedy act or show. If you’re laughing, you’re happy! Couples who laugh together, stay together. And for singles who are out enjoying the evening with friends, you’re already too busy to be home alone, wallowing in self-pity eating half a tub of Sara Lea Double Choc! AmIright??

    1. Get a massage! Seriously, if there is one thing you should do on this day, it’s to pamper yourself! Love yourself and take care of your body. Couples can book in together and enjoy a relaxing hour out of their day. And singles, who says you can’t book in a couple’s massage? Go with your best mate or your sister!


    1. Treat yourself. You don’t need to wait for anyone to buy you that gorgeous piece of jewellery you’ve had your eye on. Go shopping and get it! You deserve it and you’re worth it. And for the couples reading this, who here believes it would take a weight of the shoulders of our partners if we just went and got our own Valentine’s Day gift?


    So there you have it. Whether you play all in for Valentine’s Day or not, I think the key here is to just have fun with it. Do things that make you happy and remember that self-love is the most important love of all!